Sunday, December 12, 2010


I looked around the garden for something in bloom to photograph when into my ‘minds eye’ came a picture of the red poinsettia out by the driveway. Of course, it is the Holiday Season and they are blooming everywhere here on Kauai. I think every hotel uses thousands of them and then they freely give them away to their employees rather than toss them out like I’m sure they do in not so sympathetic climes.

It isn’t much to look at the rest of the year but rather suddenly it bursts into radiant bloom. I set off to photograph it and was taken by surprise when this little head popped into the view finder. Click! I thought for sure the gecko would jump away immediately as they usually do, but he stayed quite awhile to allow me some more shots. How fun is that?

But it’s the Poinsettia that wants to ‘speak’.

“We would like to say how much we love to be adored at this time of the year when not a lot of other plants are in bloom. We love that red is the color of the season and it is our color too. We love to deck the halls and bring joy to all. We are produced en mass for the Holiday Season so we don’t mind when our time is over, because we know that humans will always grow us to be admired again the next year. We appreciate that, and want to thank all humans who buy or grow or admire us. We want you to know how much we love to share our radiance with you. So, the next time you pass one of us by, be sure to listen, and you will hear us say, we love you, too."

Thank you very much,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Children and Flower Essences

A friend of mine is having fabulous experiences making flower essences with her 7 year old daughter.
That prompted me to look up in the Flower Essences Practitioner’s Manual what the Plant Spirits had to say about this.

Guidance from the Plant Spirits

Greetings Beloved One,

And we are delighted to be with you and know that you are excited to be with us again. We can feel the degree of surrender you are experiencing and are here to fulfill the trust and faith you have in us.

Again we will say to you that these channeling’s are all seeds being planted and may or may not go into your manual. So, you can relax and let the information come through without censoring anything. Yes? (Yes!)

Flower Essences and children? This is one of your wonderings? Yes? (Yes!)

Children are little beings of light. They know no separation especially from Nature. They are little sponges ready to soak up whatever you wash over them. They have total faith and trust in what a loving adult being has for them. They ingest it, take it in and make it a part of their own. This is not something to be abused or taken advantage of. It is something to cherish. These innocents have total openness to what you are teaching them.

So it is a matter of respect to not ‘talk down’ to a child. The same is true for plants. Plants and children are in many ways more connected to the greater spiritual world than most adults, and yet these tender beings are in your ‘hands’ to nurture and watch grow.

That said, we feel an intense desire in children to know more of the magic or shall we say a desire to sustain the dreamlike fantasy worlds they so readily inhabit. These realms are real and the more we can substantiate these realities as seen from the adult world the more well-rounded intuitive beings we will see these children become.

It is important to nurture these intuitive instincts that children are so in sync with. Actually, adults have much to learn from the ‘matter of fact’ way that children take to talking to plants, or guardian angels or whatever spirit guides are with them. Ask a child to ask permission from a plant to pick it and they are more than happy to oblige. They will be back soon to tell you what the plant said to them without hesitation or inherent disbelief.

So you see, children have much to offer you in terms of interspecies communication. Who is teaching who here? You must be prepared for questions you cannot answer.

You must not make up something, but rather direct that query back to the Plant Spirit and see what answer the child ‘gets.’ This will be most instructive for you.

Ultimately the greatest gift here is not how or why to make a flower essence, but in teaching the ability to ask and receive guidance from within. The Flower Essence is a wonderful bridge between the dimensions; something the Plant Spirit gives as a lasting memento of the relationship that has or is being developed. This teaches a child or anyone to send and receive telepathic communication in the form of imagery or imagination or insights that come in a flash. These can take some time to accurately translate into human language but is well worth the effort.

This is a valuable tool that will assist and have ramifications of dimensionality in the shaping of these young ones into well-rounded adults. For once you have received guidance from these realms and acted upon it with astounding results, there is no place for skepticism.

You see you are shaping a whole new breed of human that can interact with Nature as living breathing beings that share space with you on this beautiful planet. This type of adult would never conceive of cutting down a grandfather tree, let alone a beautiful flower that has provided healing on many levels. So you see there are far reaching goals that could go beyond the simple making of a Flower Essence.

So, yes, by all means, teach the children how to communicate with plants and then sit back and be ready to learn from them. It will be very good for them to see that there are adults that go into these dimensions, too. It is not just ‘their imagination” as they are so often taught. Imagination is wonderful. Imagination is a sensing instrument. The sixth sense as it is often called. It is something to be honored, to be cultivated, and to be explored. You see there is much to learn from children and vise versa. But then we hope you will have learned by now that you can trust Nature as your teacher.

Peace be with you, my beloved one.

I hope this will inspire and enlighten you on many levels as it did me.
Many blessing,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It has been quite awhile since I have visited this blog. I have been writing on my since last fall when I moved and started my very own Magic Garden. At least it seemed like it to me because I was growing outrageous veggies in December like never before. Also, at that time a friend of mine wanted to include my writings on her site and she wanted a ‘health tip’ article. That began a series of articles that came from my experiences in the Magic Garden along with what I had learned from Hawaiian healing herb classes I had taken and employed in my life with good success.

Also, at my new place, I was able to grow in profusion many of the flowers that are characters in my children’s book; Ask Althea. It has given me time to reflect on their personalities and why I cast them as such. In particular I think of the Sunflower, supposedly, the bringer of smiley faces everywhere. Why did I make ‘him’ the grumpy devils’ advocate? Perhaps those with the biggest hearts hide behind serious faces so as not to hurt those big hearts. I see my sunflower go from shinning bright erect head reaching for the sky, to head hanging low under the weight of it all looking at the ground. Well, rather than guess about these things, I think it would be wise to ask Sunny’s Spirit what ‘he’ thinks.

Aloha Marissa this is Sunny,
And I am glad you asked me abut these things that seem to be so blatant in my physical characteristics. But you see that is merely the human view as you said. From my perspective I open myself to the Sun from which I am named so as to produce those seeds that seem to weigh me down. But in plant life seeds are our way to insure that we go on so it is not a burden to bend for them to grow. But the important thing is that it makes it hard for birds to come and feast on my seeds if I am in that position. As for your book, I was very happy to play the gruff one who later is the catalyst for the unfolding of the little boy’s spiritual growth. He needed to know that we care. That was the sentiment that shifted him out of his anger and into compassion or caring for others as well.

Thank you, Sunny.
I can see that no bird could perch and feast in that position. Good point. I, on the other hand, plan to gather as many seeds a possible for future planting, hoping I will have better yields than the many packs I bought and planted with no luck. What’s up with that?

It’s called LOVE Marissa.
As you know and have written about ‘seeds will do anything for love’ (see your very first blog spot). You have given us much love and attention, so, of course, we will grow for you in abundance. You will especially want to collect my seeds as I am the first to grow and be with you in full force. It took a while to convince the others and consequently their seeds will not be as strong but they will not go to waste. Some will reseed and some will cross pollinate and some will try again. You could have fun with them.

Thank you. I will take note and let them all go to seed now that I know this is a big part of your growth cycle. Shall I plant the new seed just underneath and all around you?

Because you live in such a mild climate that is an option but you see we still have our genetically entrenched cycles so it will have to be an ‘experiment’, as you love to say.

Ok, I get it. It will have to be an ‘experiment’, and, I will hold some back to be planted in the spring.

That would be nice.
And we look forward to being with you again soon.

Thank you so much for those wonderful insights and for your fabulous presence in our garden this year. I see how your bigness and broad perspective helped everyone to unleash the LOVE from within. And I look forward to many more seasons, ‘experiments’ and being with YOU again soon.

Many blessing,
Much love,

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Plant Spirit Healing

Experience a Plant Spirit Healing through this Guided Meditation given by my Plant Spirit Guide, Althea, the Wise Spirit of the Hollyhock. Open to receive the Wisdom of Plant Consciousness. Expand your awareness so that we may communicate Spirit to Spirit.


It is helpful to bring yourself into a state of being fully relaxed before you begin. Create a space where the phone will not ring and nothing else will disturb you. Breathe deeply into your heart until you feel fully relaxed. Open your heart and ask the Plant Consciousness to guide you during the journey.

Read this journey slowly, sentence by sentence, relaxing into your heart as you begin to feel the Plant Spirit Consciousness all around you. Sense as the energy begins to shift and your awareness expands. Know that we are with you, gently guiding you throughout the journey. Surrender and trust. You are in loving hands.


Greetings Beloved One,

And we are so delighted to be with you and assist you with this aspect of your beingness. For you on the earth plane have physical bodies that are very versatile and are adept at absorbing energy and reflecting that energy in the physical form.

So begin now to bring as much relaxation and harmony as you can into that form that you are blessed with. Breathe deeply and continue to feel and sense your beingness as it opens to greater and greater levels of peace and harmony. Bring awareness to the heart area and expand your awareness so that you may sense the light and love that is emanating from this space. Keep opening and allowing this love to encompass your whole being, for your beingness does far exceed the dimensions of your physical body.

Begin now to see your physical form expand in all direction until it appears as a radiant sphere of light; pure crystalline light, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow; it is luminescent with many frequencies and fractals of light emanating from it.

Sense now as it begins to expand out even farther than you can imagine. The borders are no longer apparent; your awareness has now become just a tiny fragment or particle of light, just floating in the vast ocean of light, color and radiance.

Notice that somehow you are able to direct your consciousness to any part of the vast radiance that you desire. Begin now to direct your consciousness to your earth plane vehicle which you see now as a pinpoint of light. This is the vehicle that is holding your consciousness during your journey there on the earth plane.

Begin to sense from this vastness how this light may enhance that vehicle in every way. This light is intelligent and knows just where to go to create the aliveness that you so deserve. Feel this area from the vastness that you are. Begin to see the transmissions of luminous light particles moving out from your expanded beingness and filling the golden sphere of light that encompasses your earth plane physical form.

Sense the golden light as it expands and absorbs these new higher frequencies. As it expands, so too your physical form begins to expand, resonate with, and absorb these new particles. Feel this light as it spreads throughout your physical form and begins to throw off all lesser frequencies and vibrations that cannot resonate with these new higher frequencies of light.

Continue to expand into this new space until you feel all the shimmering light you are now holding and radiating all about you. You may bask in this radiance until you feel the resonance is complete.

Then begin to slowly allow your awareness to drift back into the room and begin to become aware of your surroundings. Know that you have raised your vibrational frequencies and you may now begin to experience new aliveness in your physical form creating radiant health and well being on all levels.

Peace be with you, my beloved one.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Althea Reveals Her Inner Essense in Plant Spirit Form

This is Althea’s divine inner self image, a persona created from her flowers.
The following is an excerpt from my book, “Ask Althea, The Wise Spirit of the Hollyhock” , in which Althea decides to reveal her true essence, her plant spirit form to Mera and her friend Nancy, who love to make dolls from Althea’s flowers.

Mera started to feel funny. An inexplicable energy had arisen all around them. The colors of the flowers took on a dazzling hue. They were more intense than she had ever seen before. At the same time, her vision seemed to be a little fuzzy, and her eyes wanted to close. She wasn’t sleepy but she wanted to sit down. She managed to look over at Nancy and saw she looked a little dazed, too. They both plopped down at the same time and closed their eyes.

A gentle breeze surrounded them and they felt safe, comforted. Slowly a vision began to form in their minds. An elegant woman dressed in a rosy evening gown was coming into view. She wasn’t walking, but sort of floated towards them. A halo of light surrounded her and glowed a glorious luminescent shade of raspberry. The closer she came, the clearer the vision became and the more familiar she felt. She looked like someone they knew.

Suddenly Mera recognized her and exclaimed “Oh my God! It’s a giant Althea doll!” She opened her eyes and looked over at Nancy to see if she saw it too. The shocked look on her friend’s face told the story. They stared wide-eyed in disbelief. They couldn’t move.

“Don’t be afraid.” whispered the vision in pink with her delicately slanted eyes.

“Who are you?” stammered Mera, still in shock. Her heart was beating fast and the words just seemed to come out by themselves.

“I am Althea. I am the spirit essence of the hollyhock you love to play with.”

“What’s a spirit essence?” asked Mera in an unrecognizable voice

“A spirit is love.” said Althea, “A spirit is guided by love and loves to guide you. The essence of that spirit is the part you can be aware of. Your love for me has brought me to you and in return I shall give you my love and guidance if you so wish. You only need to ask and I will be with you again.” Then Althea slowly and gently faded away.

Mera rubbed her eyes to see if she was dreaming. No, it was real! Nancy saw it too. She saw it. She felt it. The Althea doll radiated love. She seemed so real and her eyes were soft and kind. Mera wasn’t afraid. She felt like she knew her deep down inside. She could still feel the warmth of her presence.

When Nancy could think again, she said, “Did we just see a giant Althea doll?”

Mera looked at Nancy. “Yes. She said she wants to guide us.”

“This is so exciting! What if we really could talk to that plant?”

“But it wasn’t the plant that we saw. It was a bigger form of that pink flower doll.”

“The spirit of the plant she called it.” Nancy sounded confused.

But Mera had an idea. “Let’s go ask Tutu. My grandmother knows everything. Maybe she knows about these spirits. After all, she planted the Althea seeds, didn’t she?”

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Marissa First Experience with the Plant Spirits

In the 1980s, when I worked as a gardener in the San Francisco Bay Area, I read a book that really spoke to a different part of me and gave me a deeper understanding or knowingness that I couldn’t quite figure out. I only knew that I wanted more of the same. I shared this with the store owner and she said, “It’s because the book was channeled.” She went on to say, “If you liked that book, you might be ready for this one,” and handed me Sanaya Roman’s book Open to Channel. I was thoroughly enamored with the book and knew it was something I wanted to experience. I called Sanaya Roman’s office and found out they were going to do only one more seminar on channeling so I signed up immediately.

During the seminar I felt a lot of doubt when we were asked to discover the name of our guide. When we were led through guided meditation into the channeling space, the name that came through for me was Tiffany. I was disappointed because I didn’t think that was a very other-worldly name for a spiritual guide. But as the seminar progressed, I actually felt the heart-shift when she came in, and I was able to answer the questions that other participants put to me/Tiffany.

That Monday after the seminar, I returned to my work in a large garden in Piedmont and immediately started thinking about roses. Why didn’t we have any roses in the garden?
For one thing, my left brain said, the deer will eat them, smart fellows that they are.
But, argued another voice, there are no deer in the front garden. It is too close to the street. They never venture up here.
I couldn’t argue with that, so I spoke to the owners and they both agreed that roses would definitely be a pleasurable addition to the English-style garden, with its profusion of annuals and perennials.

I went to the nursery right away. It was late September, so all the roses were in bare root form. Three or four leafless sticks (with thorns on them) stuck out of each root ball. They were labeled with pictures. A small metal disked attached to the base of the root stock gave the name and color of each rose. Hundreds of them stretched out in long rows in front of me.

It was a daunting sight. I started to feel kind of funny as I walked toward them. I bent over to read the label on the first one; it said TIFFANY, a prize tea rose, very fragrant. Imagine my surprise and delight to find out that my guide was the Plant Spirit of this exquisite shrub.

Suddenly it all made sense. I was a gardener. Of course I would resonate with the Plant Spirits. I probably had been doing that unconsciously for some time. Gee, and I thought it was me that just instinctively knew what to plant where and how to care for it. More likely I had been receiving telepathic messages from Plant Spirits all along. I was ecstatic to begin consciously communicating with Tiffany and any other Plant Spirit that wanted to reveal itself to me.

And thus began my awakening to the unseen realms of these divine beings who love and care for us and have much to teach us if we will only listen. And listen I did, and respond they did to my endless questions. I am still asking, but I have learned to listen more in an effort to co-create with them a world that does not seem separate from them, but is intricately mixed together in the knowingness of our oneness here on this divine planet Earth.